Monday, April 30, 2012

Lowry Park Zoo

For Isla's 2nd birthday (next week!) Mamaw and Papaw got her and the family a year pass to the Lowry Park Zoo! It is a great gift as the zoo is only 9 miles from us and is such an easy morning or afternoon activity for us to do with the kids.  Isla has really been into animals recently. Her favorite books are ones with animals where you learn where they live, what they do and what kind of sound they make. 
Family Day at the Zoo!
Isla's Birthday Week :)

 To say that she loved the Zoo would be a complete understatement. She went nuts over all the animals and open space to run, walk, skip, and play in water! Every time we got to a new exhibit she would see the animal and her jaw would drop and she would say, "oooooohhh....uuuuuukk, uuuuukk!" (ooo, look, look!) She was so excited that the drama to her facial expressions and hand gestures were priceless!!
"oooooo, mun-kay, munkay!"
Checking it all out
Her favorites: the mun-kays, ahh-turds, manny-tees, burdies, hors-eees, and jaffs!! 
(monkeys, otters, manatees, birdies, horsies, and giraffs)
Isla and the otter waving to each other!!

Everett was amazing...he slept most of the morning, and just sat in the stroller checking everything out. He was a champ and I can't wait until he is a little older to enjoy it more!

Jaffs! (giraffs) 
ooooooooo, uuuukk uuuuk!!
Looking at the all-E-baiters (alligators)
This is how we roll...Double Stroller Hot Rod!!
Heading to the Safari...
Asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot...and yes, STILL wearing her sunglasses!!

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