Monday, May 14, 2012

Idlewild Baptist Church

Our latest big decision as a family was to been to become members of our new church, Exciting Idlewild Baptist Church.  This place has been such a huge factor in our happiness here in Tampa.  Pastor Ken sums up the church perfectly when regarding the 12,000 plus members...he says, "We are not a big church, we are a small town".

Idlewild: We went our first Sunday we moved to Tampa and we were a little overwhelmed with the size of the church.  However, by our third visit we joined a Sunday School Class that has completely taken us in with open arms which really helped us feel a more personal connection with Idlewild. We were only in the class for 6 weeks before Everett was born and they were already filling us up on diapers and wipes and then the week after he was born they came one by one every other night for 15 days bringing us dinners!! It was a unique way to meet a group of 20 in such a short amount of time, and such a blessing. They were so helpful with us finding a pediatrician, having play dates, and friends to confide in.

L.A.M.B. Sunday School Class: Our Sunday school class is made up of other parents in their 30's-40's with young children so we all can relate to one another. I have already found a couple women that have quickly become good friends that get me out for movies, coffee and dinner as well as play dates and prayer nights.  We've also experienced some intense couples game nights,  haha!! In class we have discussions on parenting, marriage, personal growth that have really struck a cord with Brandon and I because everyone in class is so real! No one is pretending to be someone they aren't, we are all so comfortable and feel safe to really lay it all out there with each other.  We truly looking forward to Church every Sunday morning.

Children's Praise: Isla enjoys her Sunday School room. After spending all week with mommy, it was a hard transition at first for her to leave me and go to class, but we have gotten to the point where I don't even get kisses goodbye anymore as she just walks right out of my arms to play with her friends.  A lot of the kids are the same kids her and I did Tiny Tots with in the Fall and Spring. Everett is, of course, the biggest baby in the nursery.  The elder ladies love him, although they all complain that they just can hold him long enough (as he is too heavy).  He's a hit and always the happiest baby in the room.

Baby Dedication: To become a  member of the Church you have to go through a Membership 101 class which was a neat way of making it official.  We got to meet with Pastor Ken, learn more about the history of the Church and the direction in which the Church is going. We are so excited to make this commitment as a family. God has truly blessed us with our new Church Family! We are having both Isla and Everett dedicated to the Church in August!!

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